Nikki Haley blasted by fellow South Carolina Republican Nancy Mace

 February 4, 2024

Nikki Haley was stabbed in the back by her fellow South Carolina Republican Nancy Mace who accused her of being an asset of China and said that she was "China's favorite governor."

This was a shocking turn of events, as Haley played a large role in Mace winning her 2022 race against a Trump-endorsed opponent. Haley endorsed Mace in that race which many believe was the difference maker.

Now, Mace has rewarded Haley by not only endorsing Trump for the nomination but also leveling serious accusations against her onetime ally.

Mace spoke at a "Team Trump" event Friday in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina where she said, "And in fact, if she had her way, South Carolina would be manufacturing spy balloons right here in our state."

She also made an unflattering comparison, saying, "Gov. Haley started out as an accountant. She went from doing people's taxes to raising people's taxes. The last time a tax-hiking presidential candidate walked around South Carolina in high heels it was Hillary Clinton -- not sure how that turned out very well at all."

Mace has made a reputation for herself as a particularly disloyal Republican. She stabbed Haley in the back, and she also stabbed Trump in the back in 2020 over his handling of the 2020 presidential election aftermath.