Niki Haley beat Biden by most points in hypothetical 2024 matchup

September 9, 2023

While former President Donald Trump dominates all of the state and national polling in the GOP primary race, there's another Republican candidate that exceeds in hypothetical polling.

According to Fox News, as of now, the only Republican presidential candidate who beats President Joe Biden in a 2024 hypothetical matchup over the margin of error is not Trump.

It's former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

In a recent poll conducted by CNN, the former president, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), and a few other top-tier GOP candidates would tie Biden in a dead heat in the hypothetical matchup, but none overcame the margin of error.

The various GOP candidates produced interesting numbers, with Trump besting Biden 47% to 46%. Former Vice President Mike Pence beat Biden by two points, at 46% to 44%.

Tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who made somewhat of a splash -- for the first time for many -- during the first GOP primary debate, stayed within the margin of error but fell to Biden 46% to 45%.

The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under Trump posted a significantly better score, beating Biden outside of the margin of error at 49% to Biden's 43%.

Haley used the poll's results to hype her supporters, writing a social media post celebrating the poll's results.

"The phones have been ringing off the hook, the support has been incredible, and the crowds have been amazing. We are blessed. Let’s go make history!" Haley wrote.

While the aforementioned candidates will undoubtedly use the poll's results to their advantage, they should probably savor it, because right now, Trump owns the poll game.

None of the candidates come close to his double-digit leads in state and national polling, including all relevant swing state polling. It's one thing to do well in a hypothetical matchup for the general election, but that literally won't matter if they can't win the GOP nomination.

Trump, who faces four indictments -- two state and two federal -- with an upcoming trial the day before "Super Tuesday," has raised tons of fundraising cash and gained momentum as a result.

He has made several statements reassuring American voters that he's the only president who can best Biden in 2024 and then get America back on a track to greatness.

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