Nigel Farage's Bank Account Shut Down

 July 20, 2023

Nigel "Mr. Brexit" Farage has had his bank account shut down.

The reason why is sure to make you sick and will show you exactly where America is headed if we don't get rid of the oppressive liberals at the top of our federal government.

Farage had his bank account closed for two reasons:

1) He's friends with Donald Trump.

2) He has conservative viewpoints.


The next time a liberal tells you that you should be able to trust your government, show them this.

A government is supposed to be working for the people it governs. When that order gets flipped, these are the consequences you end up with.

Just because it's a famous person that this is happening to right now, don't assume that it couldn't happen to you.

We've seen ordinary Americans treated like dirt right here by our own government and others just because they didn't like us wanting our freedom.

Certain institutions have already labelled us domestic terrorists for not wanting our kids to learn in school that all white people are racists and did not earn their accomplishments.

I wouldn't put it past the government or liberal-led institutions to do something like what just happened to Farage to ordinary Americans with whom they disagree.