Nigel Farage Wins News Presenter Of The Year

 June 29, 2023

Brexit leader Nigel Farage only took his first full-time television presenting role two years ago.

He just won the Best News Presenter at the 2023 Tric Awards.

Farage didn't wait long to tell the world's corrupt mainstream media what this means:

"Those of you shouting, think about this. There is a large gap in the broadcast market," Farage said to the people heckling his acceptance speech.

"You’ve all become too much the same. And that is where GB News comes in. What we’re doing is creating a new, fresh brand in British broadcasting. When we overcome the awareness problem, we’re going to be a major force."

Nigel Farage even posted about his big victory on Twitter:

What do you think about Nigel Farage? Have you ever watched any of his news broadcasts? If so, do you think that he deserved this award?