NFL Star Who Shaped House Electronic Voting System Dies At 87

 January 4, 2024

Former NFL Cleveland Browns quarterback, Frank Ryan, has died at the age of 87.

Not only was Ryan hugely famous for leading the Cleveland Browns to their last championship back in 1967, but he also made huge waves in Congress.

Ryan is the man who aided the creation of the very first congressional computer voter system.

His son, Frank Ryan Jr., sent an email to sharing the kind of man his father was.

“Throughout his life, Frank received thousands of autograph requests from fans of all ages and backgrounds from across the country. He appreciated his fans enormously. He kept every fan letter he received and fulfilled every autograph request sent to him until he became physically unable to do so. Frank had a large and loving family and they were with him at the end,” the email said.

Losing such a treasured family member is never easy, but we take comfort in knowing Ryan was surrounded by his family during his last moments.

We pray for peace and comfort for anyone grieving the loss of the legendary Frank Ryan.