NFL Star Mike Williams Dead (?) At Only 36

 September 7, 2023

This is getting odd, to say the least.

As fans pray for former NFL star Mike Williams, there are multiple conflicting reports that indicate how he is actually  doing right now.

Here are the facts we know:

Williams was a native of Buffalo, New York. That is the same city in which he played his final NFL games after getting his start with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A few days ago, Williams suffered an injury while working on a construction site.

Some fans are wondering why Williams even held such a taxing manual labor job, given the fact that he had earned millions and millions of dollars in the NFL.

Regardless of WHY he was working there, we do know that an accident happened to cause brain and/or spine injuries.

It's not exactly clear what his condition is now, but regardless of which report is true, it's sad news regardless.