Newt Gingrinch: McCarthy Opposers Are 'Deranged'

 January 6, 2023

Newt Gingrich is NOT happy that anyone in the House of Representatives dared to oppose Representative Kevin McCarthy of California as the next speaker of the House.

According to him, "20 deranged disruptors" are on their way to conceding the country to liberals.

He said that causing pain to the GOP seems to be an "enjoyable hobby" for people like Lauren Boebert, Chip Roy, and Matt Gaetz.

Newt claims that Democrats are "happily watching Republicans melt down in front of the entire country like a group of tired toddlers."

Chip Roy of Kentucky wasn't happy with being one of the people specifically named. According to him, there are plenty of valid reasons to oppose McCarthy, Newt just can't see them because he's a fossil who hasn't been speaker of the House since the 1990s. He said:

If Newt Gingrich wants to pick up the phone and call me, then he might actually know the facts. You might have been speaker 25 years ago, but you don’t know the facts right now and you’re parroting the talking points that are being shoved through the system in this town, that are being fed by the big spending machine that has been driving this country into the ditch. I don’t have any time for listening to fossils, sitting on Fox News, making their money on their contracts, coming out and talking about things they don’t know anything about.