Newsom Says 'Divorce Is Not An Option' For USA And China

October 31, 2023

Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently told CNN that he is comfortable speaking for all of America on at least one issue.

That issue this time is our current problem with China.

Despite China doing things like trying to take over our youth with its TikTok app, building a military airport in Cuba, and sending spy balloons over our country, Newsom doesn't think that we should give those guys a hard time.

"We’ve got to turn down the heat. We’ve got to manage our strategic differences. We’ve got to reconcile our strategic red lines," Newsom said about the country that leads people into boxcars never to be seen again.

Instead of holding China accountable for its actions, Newsom wants to do the exact opposite.

He wants to stay in bed with them.

"Divorce is not an option," Newsom said.

Of course he did. He's a liberal. He would never give up everything that China does for his friends just to stand up for what's right.