News Helicopter Crashes In New Jersey Killing Pilot And Photographer

 December 21, 2023

A local news helicopter crashed in a wooded area of New Jersey on Dec. 19.

The pilot of the helicopter and the photographer on board died in the accident.

The chopper went down as the news crew was returning from an assignment at the Jersey Shore.

The victims were identified as pilot Monroe Smith, 67 and photographer Christopher Dougherty, 45.

Both of the deceased men had worked at the news station for years.

It remains unclear what caused the crash. What is clear is the fact that the Federal Aviation Administration has promised to investigate the situation and see what caused these men to die.

For some reason, it just doesn't seem fair when somebody passes away at work.

It always is extremely sad when somebody passes away on the job.

That's because you know they didn't die living for themselves, they died working for somebody else.

Hopefully the news station takes care of the families of both of these men after they paid the ultimate sacrifice.