Newlywed couple fatally shot at Wisconsin bar

 February 6, 2024

Tragedy struck the families of two newlyweds in Wisconsin this week.

According to People magazine, a newly married couple was gunned down and killed in a popular Elkhorn-based Wisconsin bar.

The outlet noted:

Gina Weingart, 37, and Emerson Weingart, 33, were killed inside the Sports Page Barr in Elkhorn on Thursday, according to news releases from the Elkhorn Police Department posted on Facebook on Thursday and Friday.

According to the press releases, the Walworth County Sheriff's Office responded to the bar just after midnight after someone called 911 and reported that someone was "down."

Both the county sheriff's office and the Elkhorn Police Department responded to the scene, where they discovered Emerson and Gina had been fatally shot.

According to the report, Gina was a part-time worker at the bar who worked late at night, and Emerson would stay with her there until she was off duty.

Emerson's father, Jeff Weingart, described the horrific situation to local reporters, calling the incident "gut-wrenching."

"Somebody saw them. Somebody saw them. I don’t care, you don’t pull something like that off. I can’t believe that it was just her and him in the bar," Weingart said.

He added, "So somebody saw them, and somebody had to give a description of them, and somebody had to see the car when he drove away, and they better find him.

The victim's father was referring to the fact that the suspects involved in the fatal shooting have not yet been apprehended.

People noted:

Emerson was a department manager at a grocery store, and Gina also worked at Wisconsin Vision Associates. They loved to fish together and Emerson was an avid sports fan, while Gina enjoyed karaoke.

According to TMJ4 news, memorials were set up outside of the bar where the newlywed couple were killed. Friends, family, and strangers paid tribute to the couple.

Local reporter Kendall Keys wrote on X, "A friend of Gina Weingart organized a GoFundMe campaign to help her family with funeral expenses. Gina was bartending in the Sports Page Barr in Elkhorn when someone shot and killed her and her husband, Emerson. The suspect is still on the run."