New York Times Prints Fake Gaza Story

October 20, 2023

First, journalists at the New York Times got the story wrong by claiming that the reportedly hundreds of people recently killed by a Hamas rocket were actually victims of an Israeli attack.

Instead of admitting their mistakes, they tried to cover up their lies.

The Times journalists then posted a photo of a demolished building that it knew wasn't the hospital in question.

What did they do with that photo?

They claimed it was indeed the demolished hospital in question.

Author and lawyer Michael P. Senger posted on Twitter that this is "astonishing disinformation and journalistic malpractice."

The Times knew it didn't have their facts straight and printed the story anyway.

"When @NYTimes published a fictitious story from Hamas about Israel bombing a hospital, NYT used a picture from a completely different location to make it look like a picture of the hospital that was ‘destroyed.'"

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