NYT columnist David Brooks says CNN was right to platform Donald Trump

New York Times columnist David Brooks defended CNN for holding a town hall with former President Donald Trump during an interview on PBS NewsHour Friday.

CNN has been under fire from the left for platforming Trump. While leftists claim that Trump shouldn't be platformed for moral reasons, the reality is that the town hall was a massive win for Trump, and Democrats are furious.

Democrats know that they can't let Americans hear Trump speak, because that prevents the mainstream media from dictating narratives. CNN's town hall was such a disaster for Democrats that even CNN host Anderson Cooper said viewers would be justified for no longer watching CNN.

During Brooks's interview with PBS, co-host Amna Nawaz asked, “Is granting him [Trump] a live platform a mistake or a bad idea?"

Brooks responded by saying, "No, I don’t think so. He’s — in the Washington Post poll, he has a healthy lead on Joe Biden. By a huge margin, people prefer his economic policies to Joe Biden’s. He is the number one or two most important political figure in the country right now. We in the media don’t get to decide who we cover. Basically, the American people get to decide, and they did get to decide by their votes and their preferences in polling. And so, we cover major figures."

Leftists can't beat Donald Trump, so they have to resort to censorship and deplatforming. However, despite everything they have done, he is more popular than ever.