New York Times columnist David Brooks admits he 'underestimated' Hunter Biden story

September 10, 2023

New York Times columnist David Brooks admitted during an interview with PBS NewsHour, that Hunter Biden “was clearly trying to peddle influence" and that he "underestimated the Hunter Biden story."

Brooks stated, "To me, I want to know — he was clearly trying to peddle influence. Did he successfully peddle influence? Was any law changed? Did Joe Biden’s policies change? Did Joe Biden sit in on any of those meetings? I kind of doubt it on all counts. But I do think now I have sort of underestimated the Hunter Biden story. I think it’s probably worth a look to see if there was actual influence peddling."

These are questions that Republicans are trying to answer, but Democrats in Congress have done everything in their power to stonewall and obstruct any inquiry into the president's son.

Brooks added, "He’s got lots of money from the Ukrainians. He got lots of money from the Chinese. There’s a reason he got lots of money, and it’s not because of his skills. It’s because his last name is Biden. And so, when you get a case like that, set aside what needs to be done to Donald Trump, it’s worth looking into."

For someone in the mainstream media to admit openly that Hunter Biden should be investigated signifies just how much trouble the Biden family is in.

A year ago, allegations about Hunter Biden's corrupt business activities were treated like fringe conspiracy theories. Now, those allegations have gained traction despite the efforts of the mainstream media and conservatives should consider this a major victory.

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