New York Times Columnist Says Biden's Loan Program Should Be Struck Down

 March 6, 2023

New York Times columnist David Brooks dropped a bomb recently when he said that he supports President Biden's loan plan, but that it should but struck down.

Recently on PBS NewsHour, Brooks said that he agrees with the part of President Joe Biden’s student loan program for Pell Grant recipients, but his support of the program stops there.

Brooks said the Supreme Court should strike the program down because Biden shouldn't have created a giant spending program through executive action.

Brooks continued, adding that you can "believe in the program and think the president probably should have gone through Congress if he wanted to see it last."

Brooks said, "On the student loans, I have supported the part of the program that was for Pell Grant kids, where I thought, absolutely, those people deserve their student loans. I didn’t think we should give it to upper-middle-class kids, but c’est la vie."

"I still think the Supreme Court should probably strike it down," Brooks said. "I mean, the Constitution envisions — as Jonathan said — the budget’s supposed to start in the House. The President can’t just create a $400 billion program by signing a piece of paper. That’s just not how the system is supposed to work."

"So, it’s possible to both believe in the program and think the President probably should have gone through Congress if he wanted to see it last," Brooks concluded.

President Biden continues to be struck down. It's got to hurt.