New York court rejects Trump's bid to lift gag order

 June 21, 2024

It's one of the oldest tricks in the book for America's liberals: the ulterior motive.

They do it all of the time. Liberals make decisions for themselves, but try to convince America that it's actually for the good of the country.

Look at student loan forgiveness. Biden is pretending that he's helping out desperate Americans with nowhere else to turn. In reality, he's simply buying votes from a section of society.

We're seeing the exact same type of motivation in Donald Trump's New York case.

Our former president was convicted on 34 felonies, but the court refuses to let Donald Trump talk about the case.

They pretend that it's for the safety and security of the case and the people associated with it, but that isn't their real motivation at all.

Trump's gag order is to prevent Trump from exposing what really happened in that courtroom.

No wonder a New York appeals court recently rejected Trump's bid to have it listed.

Trump has a national election coming up, and America's liberal government has forbidden him from talking about the single most important allegation he's facing.

Liberals are dirty tricksters, and you're never going to convince Trump otherwise.