New York Congresswoman Raises Alarm Over Noncitizen Voter Registration

 December 5, 2023

Don't worry, conservative brothers and sisters.

Even in places like California and New York, there are people floating around who are brave enough to stand up for truth and honesty, even when it's not the popular thing to do.

Take Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, a Republican from New York, as an example.

She recently noticed a stipulation in a New York City contract that could "lead to the voter registration of thousands of noncitizens."

The contract is between New York City and "Homes for the Homeless," which is a shelter that provides services in New York City.

In the agreement, Homes for the Homeless is required to distributed voter registration material to the people staying there.

The problem is, this organization serves as a shelter for immigrants, many of whom arrived illegally.

America's government is literally forcing us to give voter registration materials to undocumented migrants.

"The City is requiring migrant shelter contractors to distribute voter registration cards, assist migrants in registering to vote, and promote campaign material within the shelters themselves. There is nothing more important than preserving the integrity of our election system," Nicole Malliotakis said. "The right to vote is a sacred right given only to United States citizens, and certainly not one provided to those who crossed over our border illegally and made their way to New York City last month."