New Twitter files show deep state used media to manipulate platform

By Jen Krausz on
 January 5, 2023

New Twitter files released to independent journalist Matt Taibbi showed a pattern of the deep state going to the media with harmful information and censorship requests rather than Twitter, which amounted to manipulation of the platform.

Director of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth eventually begged researchers tied to the government to work directly with them on censorship rather than going to the press.

“We’re happy to work directly with you on this, instead of NBC,” Roth said in an email to the Clemson lab when it complained that Twitter wasn't making frequent enough Russia attributions.

Even when Twitter managed to get the deep state to work with it rather than go straight to the press, officials worried that they would often not wait long enough before going to the press.

“The delta between when they share material and when they go to the press continues to be problematic,” a Twitter communications official wrote.

It's another way of explaining why a streaming platform founded on freedom of speech and expression would so willingly censor one side at the behest of the other.