New Trump Charges Dominating Headlines

 July 29, 2023

Every Republican in the crowded 2024 primary field will be faced with a serious question that their campaigns are going to have to answer very soon.

How can we catch Donald Trump?

CAN we catch Donald Trump?

Perhaps you've heard the old saying before:

It goes something like "any press is good press."

Never has this been more apt than in Trump's case.

His opponents are trailing, and they need to make headlines, but they simply can't do it.

Trump's legal problems are by far the biggest focus of what's happening on the right at this moment, making it hard for other candidates to gain any traction.

Despite Trump's coverage not necessarily being positive, the sheer quantity of it is an advantage for the former president in that it also keeps his competitors off the air while network commentators discuss his legal entanglements.

Right now, Trump might be taking every bit of attention that there is on the Republican side.

Whether it's positive or negative isn't really the point. The point is that there isn't going to be any television time left for America to learn about the remaining candidates with Trump hogging the spotlight.