New poll shows majority of voters don't have faith in Biden's 'mental sharpness'

By Jen Krausz on
 May 8, 2023

A majority of voters in a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, 54%, don't believe President Joe Biden has the mental sharpness to continue leading the country after the next election, while only 32% said Biden is mentally sharp enough.

In the same poll, 44% of voters preferred former President Donald Trump to Biden, with Biden only getting 36% support from voters.

If somehow Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gets the GOP nomination instead of Trump, he would have 42% support from the poll's voters, with Biden getting 37%.

The poll respondents felt that Trump could handle the economy better than Biden, 53% to 38%.

While Biden's official physical said he was fit to serve, the American people's eyes are telling them a different story. Biden seems to be deteriorating more and more with every passing day, and it seems pretty impossible to imagine that going on for another five-plus years.

Another telling sign is that the physical did not include a cognitive test, even though many lawmakers and others have asked for one. It's clear that Biden wants to hide his mental capacity, and unless you're a media apologist for the guy, it's easy to see why.