New Poll Shows DeSantis Leading Trump In Several States

November 15, 2022

Gov. Ron DeSantis' momentum has been on an absolute rocket upward lately.

From his amazing response to Hurricane Ian that got his state up and running in record time, to making sure his people knew the results of Florida's elections in a timely manner, to winning his race so handily, to not backing down from former President Donald Trump, he is on a roll.

All of that good work has actually made DeSantis more popular than Trump across America right now.

Some of Trump's slide is self-inflicted as well. Many Americans did NOT appreciate his trashing of Ron DeSantis despite Ron absolutely DOMINATING his gubernatorial election in a purple state. Even fewer Americans appreciated him bad-mouthing his own wife and blaming her for his association with Dr. Mehmet Oz's losing Senate campaign in Pennsylvania.

DeSantis is getting more and more popular every day. Trump is not.

Donald's going to have to make some serious changes if he hopes to reverse the momentum. MAGA fans are sure he can do it, but more moderate Republicans are still unsold.

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