New poll has Trump lead over DeSantis narrowing

By Jen Krausz on
 May 15, 2023

A new poll taken among Florida GOP voters showed that former President Donald Trump had only an 8% lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the state.

The National Research poll appeared to show a wide gap that was up to 30 points between Trump and DeSantis in some polls has narrowed to single digits.

DeSantis has not yet officially announced his candidacy for 2024, but he is expected to do so this month or shortly thereafter.

There is plenty of room for the poll to move in DeSantis' direction even further, as 16% of voters were undecided and another 8% supported other candidates.

DeSantis does have some advantages over Trump as a candidate. For one, he hasn't been indicted for anything, even if the indictment is pretty phony.

He also doesn't appear to be a mean tweeter, but can he get enough attention (negative or otherwise) to get elected in this sensationalist political climate? Only time will tell.