New GDI assessment causing conservative outlets to be blacklisted on Microsoft's Xandr platform

By Jen Krausz on
 February 12, 2023

A new assessment from the Global Disinformation Index is causing conservative news outlets to be blacklisted from ad placement on the Xandr ad network, owned by Microsoft.

The GDI's "Dynamic Exclusion List" is preventing ad placement on conservative media sites including the New York Post, Real Clear Politics, The Federalist, Daily Wire, The Blaze, and Newsmax. Breitbart is also on the list.

According to Breitbart, GDI has been stonewalling its requests for information about the Dynamic Exclusion List since December 13, refusing to answer any questions or respond to reports about its activities.

While claiming that the list is guided by "neutrality," "independence" and "transparency," it has refused to release the contents of the list.

GDI has connections to the World Economic Forum and George Soros.

There can be no conclusion from this information except that this organization is deliberately trying to exclude and harm conservative news networks in an attempt to put them out of business and limit their reach.