New emails show Hunter Biden received 'gold glove' treatment by Obama admin

October 28, 2023

President Joe Biden has insisted, repeatedly, that he never had any involvement in his son Hunter Biden's business dealings.

The problem is that evidence to the contrary continues to be released on what seems like a weekly basis.

According to Breitbart, the latest evidence is stunning, and includes massive revelations from documents obtained from the National Archives by America First Legal.

The documents show that Hunter Biden, while his father was the vice president, was the recipient of gold glove treatment by the Office of the Vice President and former President Barack Obama’s ambassador to China for his "business trips" to China.

Breitbart noted:

Hunter received special treatment regarding a 2014 trip to China, where he launched BHR Partners, a joint venture formed in 2013 and controlled by the Bank of China, which still boasts billions of allocated capital around the globe. Hunter formed BHR Partners in which his company, Skaneateles LLC, held a ten percent equity stake.

Notably, during his vice president, Joe Biden took an astonishing 411 trips to various countries, including China.

It was only ten days after Joe Biden took a trip to China, described as a "family vacation," that Hunter Biden locked down a lucrative 10% stake in BHR Partners.

The documents obtained by AFL didn't specify who Hunter Biden met with during that particular trip to China.

Breitbart noted:

However, Devon Archer, Hunter’s best friend in business who conveyed his stake in BHR Partners to his wife in 2017, told House investigators in July that Joe Biden spoke on speakerphone during 20 Biden family business meetings.

Notably, according to Archer, one of those speakerphone meetings included a chat with with Jonathan Li, a cofounder of the BHR Partners joint venture.

Many across social media were not surprised by the revelation that Hunter Biden received special treatment from the Obama administration.

"Obama knew what Joe was up to," one X user wrote.

Only time will tell if House Republicans continue to dig up indisputable evidence that shows exactly what the Biden family did right in front of America's eyes.

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