NBC Declares 'Crisis' At USA--Canada Border

 March 17, 2023

In a very shocking move, NBC admitted that there is a crisis at our border. NBC News Homeland Security correspondent Julia Ainsley called a recent surge in crossings along the America--Canada border "America's newest border crisis."

This is the first time liberals have admitted there was even an old one.

Perhaps it's because the two are related.

You see, the majority of illegal crossings over our northern border are not Canadians looking to flee from their incredible tax rates, but Mexicans who are trying to sneak into our country from a different angle. The report revealed:

The Clinton County Sheriff’s office tells us they’re encountering migrants, mainly Mexicans, illegally crossing over the border from Canada at record levels. Crossings here are almost ten times higher than they were last year, nearly 70,000 crossings over the entire northern border since October.

Ainsley did add that even with the recent influx in crossings, our border up top is nowhere near as busy with illegal activities as the southern one. She added:

Officials say some Mexican migrants believe there’s a better chance they’ll get into the U.S. through Canada and they can fly to Canada without a visa.