NatWest CEO resigns after leaking Nigel Farage's private information to BBC

By Jen Krausz on
 July 27, 2023

Not only did NatWest debank "Mr. Brexit" Nigel Farage last month, but now its CEO Dame Alison Rose resigned on Wednesday after she admitted Tuesday that she had shared his personal information with the BBC's Simon Jack.

Rose said it was a “serious error of judgment” to discuss Farage's debanking with Simon but said that all she did was inadvertently leave him “with the impression that the decision to close Mr. Farage’s accounts was solely a commercial one.”

Farage was livid about the BBC's reporting of his debanking and has demanded to know who leaked the information.

He now wants to see the bank pay a £17.5 million fine over the incident and said that "the whole board needs to go."

The BBC has apologized to Farage over the "inaccurate" reporting of his debanking.

Farage said he has been rejected by 10 other banks in the UK and still doesn't have an account, and he criticized the apparent discrimination based on his political views. "I am not accepted by the UK banking industry with its current culture. It is quite an extraordinary state of affairs,” Farage said.