National Weather Service Warns Of Coast-To-Coast Storm

 February 23, 2023

I'm sure somebody from Buffalo, New York or Flagstaff, Arizona, could tell you about a time when they experienced a winter storm worse than this one. It may not be the worst storm that many areas of the country have ever experienced, but the size of this storm is wowing even the most experienced of meteorologists.

The National Weather Service is warning America that a "coast to coast" winter storm is coming that could bring "historic snowfall" to the country.

It is speculated that Minneapolis, Minnesota could actually approach record levels of precipitation, but that isn't the case across all of America.

That doesn't mean the storm will be pleasant though, with numerous outages expected across the entire country.

Perhaps never before has a winter storm of this extreme size ever hit America.

Only time will tell just how bad things get for Minnesota and the rest of the country.