National Archives Completes Review Of JFK Documents, With 99% Now Publicly Available

The National Archives and Records Administration concluded its review of the classified documents regarding the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

After the agencies were done, they made about 99% of the information they had available to the public.

President Joe Biden said that "the archivist finished the review in May and that the remaining documents authorized to be declassified had been released to the public."

It only took sixty years, and citizens still aren't getting all of the evidence.

Sure, 99% is quite a sizable chunk, but it's not about the quantity of information, it's about the quality.

One would have to imagine that most of the juiciest stuff is in that elusive 1%.

"NARA worked in concert with agencies to jointly review the remaining redactions in 3,648 documents in compliance with the president's directive," the National Archives wrote when they released the documents. "Between April and June 2023, NARA posted 2,672 documents containing newly released information."