Nashville serial attacker arrested after video of laundromat attack goes viral

 March 26, 2023

Police arrested 32-year-old suspected serial attacker Khadree Renfro after he was caught on video savagely beating a person at a laundromat. Renfro is also suspected of having committed three other attacks.

Surveillance video of the attack shows Renfro, dressed in all black, approaching his victim and hitting him several times with a stick. His victim then fell on the ground as Renfro continued to beat him with the stick.

An employee at the laundromat told local news that "It happened last night. It’s just like the place is empty, like he was waiting on the right moment to come in."

So, it appears Renfro's attack was premeditated, which adds further weight to suspicions that he is the one responsible for the other attacks, one of which left a jogger hospitalized with deep cuts on his legs.

Shockingly, Renfro's bond was set at an incredibly low $150,000 despite the massive risk he poses to the public.

These disturbing attacks call attention to the growing crime wave that is sweeping the nation. Thanks to a heavily left-leaning judiciary, criminals are being protected and allowed to walk free to continue terrorizing the public.