Napolitano Says Supreme Court Needs 'Unanimous' Ruling On Ballot Cases

 January 2, 2024

Judge Andrew Napolitano just shared his hot take on what he believes should happen to the attempt to remove former President Donald Trump from America’s election ballots in 2024.

During his recent appearance on Wake Up America, Napolitano said, "Hopefully, the court will rule unanimously in such a way that the people get to decide who the next president will be.”

He didn’t stop there.

"The court has the final word on what the Constitution means, and that final word needs to be articulated with unanimity, not an easy task when you have six conservatives and three liberals," said Napolitano.

"These decisions as to who's running for office shouldn't be made by officials, and they shouldn't even be made by judges; they should be made by the voters," Napolitano continued.

We stand with Judge Andrew Napolitano.

It is not up to the officials to decide for whom we can and cannot vote.

It is up to the voters of this country to make that decision.