Nancy Pelosi Loses Her Mind In Public - Nation Shocked...

July 16, 2022

Nancy Pelosi is perhaps most famous for making a fabulous fortune off of the American people via insider trading, but she's also got another talent she's fond of showing off:

Being a complete idiot.

Nancy, just because you look like a hedgehog carcass doesn't mean you have to think like one as well.

During her recent weekly presser, she remained CONVINCED that liberals are not in trouble this fall.

Despite everyone and their brother knowing a red wave is coming, Pelosi kept saying that "Democrats have absolutely no intention of losing the House in November and the Senate, too. We are mobilized. We are fortified. We have great candidates."

I'm not even paraphrasing to make her sound stupid, Mrs. Putty-face did all of that work for me.

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