Nancy Pelosi Suddenly Leaves - She's DONE

July 22, 2022

The Senate has been preparing a vote regarding computer chips for a little while now.

That wasn't particularly suspicious, but the actions of the Pelosi's during this time definitely was.

It wasn't Nancy, but her husband, who had just recently been found by police to have caused an accident while driving drunk in his car and running a stop sign.

In addition to his stint in jail, Paul Pelosi has been busy making purchases lately.

Purchases in what, you may ask?

Well, purchasing stock in computer chip companies.

You know, right before his wife is about to vote on those very same computer chips.

When asked about the amazing coincidence, Nancy Pelosi had quite the response in her press conference.

She walked out and refused to answer.

At this point I'm honestly not sure which family is getting away with more crime, Paul and the Pelosis or Hunter and the Bidens.

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