Hawley says Pelosi 'perfect example' of congressional insider trading

 January 27, 2023

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri recently exposed Nancy Pelosi for a shocking scandal she's been involved in.

Hawley took to the air to discuss his PELOSI Act, which would end members of Congress using the inside information they receive through their office to profit on stock trades.

"Hawley’s effort would end stock trades and ownership by members of Congress," according to Breitbart.

"My next guest is vowing to put an end to insider trading, public corruption in the swamp, in Washington, D.C., with a bill that he calls the PELOSI Act," Fox News host Sean Hannity said. "Here with more, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is with us. Senator, tell us about this bill." Hawley said:

Well, listen, Sean, you’ve laid it out perfectly, which is that when people sent, when a voter sent members of Congress to Washington, they expect them to do the people’s business, not to be day trading on the stock market, not to be using the information that they get from briefings to go and make a quick buck on Wall Street. So here’s what my bill does: It says no more trading of stocks by members of Congress. In fact, no more ownership of stocks by members of Congress. If you want to save, fine, put it in a mutual fund like most Americans do. But Nancy Pelosi is the perfect example of what should not be happening in D.C., which is people getting rich out in the stock market, off of information they know because they’re a member of Congress.

"And Pelosi, what, traded between $1 million and $5 million in stocks for semiconductors only days before Congress allocated $52 million to the industry?" Hannity asked. "Am I right on that, Senator?" Hawley answered:

That’s the report, Sean, and there’s lots of reports like that with her, with her family and other members of Congress. I mean, this is a problem that has been going on for years, and she is just a perfect example of how rich people can get by using their information. Listen, insider trading is already illegal, and we’re talking here about members of Congress, the briefings that they get, the information that we have from her. It’s, it’s information that most Americans don’t have because, of course, that’s why they send us to Congress is to do their business, not to turn that around and to get rich off of it. That’s why I call it the PELOSI Act. We need to act right now.

Source: Breitbart