Nancy Mace Says DeSantis Went 'Too Far' On Abortion

 June 24, 2023

Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina may be a Republican, but that doesn't mean she agrees with everything that the party's figureheads say.

That includes Ron DeSantis.

Nancy Mace thinks that recently, the Florida governor has gone "too far" on the abortion issue.

"I actually made the issue of rape and incest a cornerstone in my campaign in the general election because I wanted women to know that I cared about them. We have to find middle ground in 24 if we want to win over suburban women. We have to show that we care about women at the same time that we care about life, and I’m trying to show a path forward and how you do that," she told Neil Cavuto on Fox News.

"A six-week move, like what Governor DeSantis just did in Florida, does that go too far to you?" Cavuto asked.

Mace replied that "It goes too far, and what that Florida bill also did is it mandated reporting of rape to the state. And those are things that, if you’re a victim of rape or a girl’s a victim of incest, those are very hard pills to swallow and it’s not supported by the vast majority of Americans. The vast majority of Americans support some sort of gestational limit in the second trimester."