Nancy Mace: Joe Biden Just Ensured Trump's 2024 Nomination

 June 10, 2023

Nancy Mace, a Republican lawmaker from South Carolina, recently stopped by Fox News to make an appearance on Fox News Tonight.

While there, she spent a little bit of time discussing what it means for Donald Trump to have been in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents probe.

Mace thinks that the end result of this whole situation is that Joe Biden "just secured Donald Trump’s nomination for Republicans in 2024."

She wants to make it clear that even though she hasn't always gotten along with Trump, that shouldn't cloud judgement when determining what the outcome of this incident is going to be. Mace opined:

I want to be very clear here, Donald Trump and I have had our ups and downs. I’ve been very clear about that over the last couple of years. I want the American people to know, to make no mistake, this is the Executive Branch tonight trying to take out their number one opponent for the presidency of the United States in 2024. And they have one standard for Donald Trump and another standard for everybody else in this thing.

If you look at the documents that President Biden had in his possession, in his garage, thousands of boxes God knows where in places across the country that we don’t even know yet. Hillary Clinton having a server in her bathroom in her home with classified information on private email servers. Everyone is held to a different standard but Donald Trump. Joe Biden just secured Donald Trump’s nomination for Republicans in 2024.

"Looking at how they’re treating him in one way versus everybody else. Every time Biden comes under the microscope, every time we show corruption by Joe Biden and his family there’s an indictment on Donald Trump. When you look at the standard he has, it’s a double standard, a second tier of justice in this country. The American people want everybody to be treated the same. Donald Trump is no fan of mine. he primaried me last year. I’m not a shill, but I see this, how unfair it’s been," Mace concluded.