'My Son Hunter' star, Laurence Fox, seeking to replace Boris Johnson in Parliament

 June 14, 2023

Laurence Fox, who is a Reclaim Party leader and anti-woke crusader, said that he wants to be considered for the parliamentary by-election in Uxbridge after former Prime Minister Boris Johnson's resignation last week.

Fox, who appeared in Breitbart's My Son Hunter, has declared his intention to stand for Parliament and will run to become the next MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

The announcement from Fox comes following Boris Johnson’s resignation amid continued controversy surrounding alleged violations of his own lockdown regime.

Johnson allegedly violated his own lockdown rules when he was prime minister.

"The actor-turned-Reclaim Party leader has also come to a mutual cooperation pact with Richard Tice’s populist Reform UK party in the upcoming by-elections and will support Reform’s Dave Holland in the race in Mid Bedfordshire," reported Breitbart.

Fox said, "The Reclaim Party and Reform UK offer the only genuine conservative alternative to the electorate, seeking for a smaller state, lower taxes, control of our borders and a full debate over net zero and the contentious ideologies being forced onto our children in schools."

Reform UK's leader Richard Tice said, "This cooperation enables us to have extra focus on specific by-elections. We have been campaigning for some time in Mid Bedfordshire."

"Many people feel totally let down by the two main parties that are both variants of socialism: high tax, nanny state, low growth and open borders. We stand for low tax, high growth and net zero immigration," he added.

"Fox, who previously campaigned to replace far-left Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London, will aim to become the Reclaim Party’s second member of parliament, with strident lockdown critic Andrew Bridgen MP joining the party in May after being kicked out of the Conservative Party over criticisms of coronavirus vaccines and lockdowns," reported Breitbart.