Musk Could Trigger Economic 'Death Spiral'

October 28, 2023

Eric Fry is one of the most respected economic minds in America. When he talks about dollars and cents, citizens would do well to listen.

That's why I'm particularly nervous about one of his recent statements.

Fry believes that "Project Omega," the latest thing to emerge from the brain and wallet of Elon Musk, may change America's economy forever.

According to him, we may enter a "death spiral."

Keep in mind, Fry was endorsed by InvestorPlace to publicly come out and say that America could soon enter a death spiral phase of our economy, but I trust Fry enough to not accept money to say anything he wouldn't say for free.

If Fry has his scruples in the right place, then America's economy might be in trouble.

It makes sense, as Joe Biden has been running America into the ground for quite some time now.

But it isn't Biden whom Fry is blaming for this newest shift.

It's Musk.

Click on the link below to learn EXACTLY how Fry believes it's going to happen.

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