Multiple rappers endorse Trump after release of mugshot

September 4, 2023

Former President Donald Trump now faces four indictments,  dozens of charges and even had his first public mugshot released last month.

While Democrats, at one point, might have thought that Trump would be knocked out of the running for 2024, his legal troubles have proved to be quite beneficial, even earning endorsements from multiple rappers now promoting him for the 2024 election.

According to The New York Post, Chicago rapper Badman Kevo recently gave Trump a major endorsement, reaching new demographics for the president and undoubtedly upsetting President Joe Biden's 2024 campaign.

"Make America rich Again or Sleepy Joe," Kevo said, showing off a fresh Donald Trump tattoo on his leg to over 3 million Instagram followers.

"Biden … actually got me paying a lot of taxes,” Kevo said during a recent podcast. "Actually, this is my second Trump tattoo."

Rapper Chief Keef, who has nearly 9 million followers on Instagram alone, endorsed Trump as well.

"He Good In The Hood," Keef wrote.

According to the outlet, one person close to Trump revealed why they think Trump's legal plight has resonated with some in the rap community.

"Now rappers are back to where they were with him pre-running for president which was as a cool rich guy. He spends money like rappers spend money. he has gold toilets. I think they saw a kindred spirit in him," they reportedly said.

The Post added,

Trump has held onto past support from rappers such as Lil’ Pump — who famously appeared on stage with him shortly before the 2020 presidential election, he has won converts too.

YG — a rapper famous for his anti-Trump protest anthem “F—k Donald Trump,” — said in an interview earlier this month that the “black community” had had a change of heart.

Trump's polling numbers with Black voter has steadily increased since his first time in office -- which is nothing less than a nightmare scenario for the Biden campaign, and Democrats in general.

As long as they keep coming after him, Trump seems to keep getting stronger, whether that's through donations, polls, and endorsements from unexpected places.

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