MSN Declares Michelle Obama Could Be America's Next President

 August 12, 2023

According to, at least one foreign country is already planning on America having a different Democratic nominee in 2024 than it did in 2020.

That suggests it will NOT be Joe Biden representing the DNC in 2024.

MSN thinks it's going to be Michelle Obama.

The outlet's logic is that eventually, Joe is going to decide that he couldn't handle the first four years of being president, much less an additional four. The prediction MSN is making is that Biden is going to withdraw too late in the process, though, for a grassroots candidate to make any headway.

Therefore, theyMSN is guessing that the nomination will just go to "an establishment stooge."

Their most likely lucky winner?

Mrs. Obama.

I personally don't think this will happen. My thoughts are that Biden has so many potential legal problems looming over him and his family that he can't afford to lose his position of great power.

No matter who wins the Democratic nomination though, hopefully it won't end up mattering at all.