Mother Whose Sons Died From Fentanyl Poisoning: Parents Blame Biden

 March 4, 2023

You may not know Rebecca Kiessling or her story, but you should. In fact, all of America should.

She lost her two sons from fentanyl poisoning. It was NOT a fentanyl overdose. They were not aware nor did they intend to take fentanyl.

Instead, like millions of other Americans, they were engaging in recreational drug use.

Those drugs were substituted with fentanyl by a criminal.

Of course, Rebecca's sons shouldn't have been doing any drugs. But they shouldn't have died either.

We've all done things we shouldn't have, and most of us weren't killed for them.

But Rebecca's sons were. And she's blaming Joe Biden.

"Disturbingly, though, the highest spike in fentanyl deaths in any demographic was actually in older people," Rebecca claimed. "As I said, it’s a 22 percent increase in fentanyl deaths the year Biden took office." She added:

He lifted the border controls that had been put in place by the last administration, and just like that, a 22 percent increase in fentanyl deaths.

It's just another example of how Joe Biden's porous southern border is destroying America.