Poll: Most voters think President Biden guilty of influence peddling

By Jen Krausz on
 May 24, 2023

A Harvard-Harris poll released a few days ago showed that most registered voters think President Joe Biden was involved in an influence peddling scheme with his son Hunter while he was vice president.

Somewhat illogically, 63% thought Hunter Biden was "involved in illegal influence peddling," but only 53% thought the president was involved.

Most Democrats still don't believe the president was doing anything wrong, but almost all Republicans and two-thirds of independents do.

A majority (55%) also thought the FBI was holding back in its investigation of the Bidens--meaning that even if the mainstream media has avoided covering it, most people are still finding out that in fact, the FBI has neglected to investigate several whistleblower reports about Biden corruption.

One of them told the House Oversight Committee that the FBI has had proof of an influence-peddling scheme since 2020, before the election, but didn't do anything with it.

Given these poll numbers, it seems like it's going to be very hard for Biden to get re-elected -- unless the Republican candidate is seen as even worse.