Most Republicans think Trump strongest candidate for 2024

By Jen Krausz on
 May 8, 2023

The majority of Republican voters surveyed by Economist/YouGov think former President Donald Trump is the strongest GOP candidate for 2024, despite his numerous legal challenges and constant references to the 2020 election being fraudulent.

In the poll, 54% said Trump was the strongest candidate. That's barely over half of less than half of the electorate, but sure, let's go with that.

As usual, the independents they surveyed had mostly not made up their minds yet, but 32% of them also thought Trump was the strongest Republican candidate.

That doesn't mean they're going to vote for him, though. They're independent--no one knows what they're going to do until maybe 48 hours before the election, if even then.

It just seems iffy to nominate a candidate that doesn't even have a huge majority in his own party and is generally hated by the other party. He could be a convicted felon by the time he becomes president, and then what?

If Trump gets the nomination, he will only get elected if enough people stay thoroughly disgusted with Biden, and I don't think we should really count on that happening.