Most in Harvard poll think Biden too old for the presidency

By Jen Krausz on
 May 21, 2023

Most respondents to a Harvard-Harris poll published Friday think President Joe Biden is too old for the presidency and doubt his mental fitness for the office, leading to questions about whether he can get enough votes to be re-elected to a second term.

Sixty-five percent said Biden was showing that he was too old for the presidency, while 57% doubted his mental fitness to serve.

Half of voters surveyed don't think Biden will win the Democrat primary, but there have been no outward indications that will happen so far.

Biden doesn't even have a serious challenger, at least not yet.

It's possible that if the perception of Biden's weakness persists, he will lose ground in his own party, but the poll shows that most Democrats still say they think Biden is fit to serve and is not too old to be president.

As long as Biden gets Democrat votes, he is likely to be the party's nominee whether he can get elected or not. Are both parties deliberately choosing the weakest candidate to foster voter apathy, or is the voting process just so messed up that the worst candidates keep rising to the top?