More voters approve of Congress now than in the last 15 years

By Jen Krausz on
 March 9, 2023

A Wednesday poll by Rassmussen Reports registered the highest job approval for Congress than has been seen in 15 years, even if it was still only 28%.

The number of people who think Congress is doing a good or excellent job crept up from 25% in the time since Republicans took over Congress in January, but that may not be the reason why more people approve of Congress.

That's because more Democrats (44%) think Congress is doing a good job than Republicans (21%).

Younger voters seem to have a rosy view of Congress, with 55% saying they were doing a good job compared to 17% of those aged 40 to 64.

Voters' opinions of their own congressperson, which are usually higher than the group, also rose to 40% from 30% in April 2022.

This is the highest number for that question in the history of the poll.