MORE Hunter Biden Evidence Revealed...Whistleblowers Come Forward...

 June 1, 2023

The Hunter Biden investigation continues, and more whistleblowers have come forward to share what they know.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has received more reports from whistleblowers as he investigates Biden family business practices.

Three sources familiar with the matter have shared that whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork, including a former Justice Department official.

The sources said the whistleblower disclosures raised concerns about the Hunter Biden investigation.

The concerns have to do with "irregular handling" of evidence and a claim that "standard investigatory procedures were not being followed," reportedly hindering progress in the investigation.

"More specifically, whistleblowers said that during the FBI investigation, derogatory evidence related to President Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was wrongly labeled as disinformation, when it could be or had already been verified," reports Yahoo News. "In some cases, they claimed derogatory evidence was placed in highly restricted systems that prevented other FBI investigators from reviewing it in the course of their related work."

A spokesman for Grassley said he has a "long history of protecting whistleblowers ... regardless of political ideology."

The spokesman added that the investigation into the Biden family's foreign business shenanigans "continues to turn up new information."

"Some of the more recent disclosures relate to an internal FBI form known as an FD 1023. In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland in early May, Grassley — now a ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee — and House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, said they wanted to know what information, if any, the FBI has about an alleged bribery scheme involving President Biden. At the time, the White House accused the lawmakers of launching an 'unfounded political attack,'" reports Yahoo.

You can read in depth about the FD-1023 form and more about the investigation here.