Moore: China Has 'So Much Information On' Biden

 February 8, 2023

United States Representative Barry Moore, a Republican from Alabama, believes he knows the secret behind why it seems like Joe Biden is willing to do so much more to cater to the Chinese government compared to what he's willing to do for American citizens.

It's "because they have so much information on him." Moore added:

There’s just one crisis after another. I tell everybody with this administration – it is just one crisis after another. The Chinese spy balloon is just another crisis that we respond miserably to. And I expect them to try to spin it and maybe even try to sound tough on China tomorrow night. But I think the ties of this administration to China, again – again, it weakens our country, and it puts us in a terrible position.

Chinese officials know they have they have Biden under their thumbs, so they're treating the U.S.  however they see fit. Moor continued:

I think the Chinese know maybe they can push Biden because they have so much information on him and his son and their dealings that they just want to put him in a bad spot and continue to show they, in fact, control this administration than maybe we would like, for sure.