Montana Attorney General To Sue Biden Administration

 March 17, 2023

Republican Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen has decided it's time to fight back against Joe Biden and his "draconian gun control measures."

Biden says his newly proposed gun control plan is designed to combat gun violence, but it would actually do anything but.

All his plan will do is make sure law-abiding citizens don't have the security they prefer. Instead, only the elites in charge and the criminals will have firearms.

"They don't dare say it out loud, but what they're talking about is going after private firearm transactions and trying to require Americans to do a background check on every private firearms transfer," Knudson said. "Well, as nice sounding as that might be, what do we know about criminals? They don't follow the law, and they don't get their firearms from retailers. They steal guns."

"We will no longer allow the interests of the gun manufacturers to win out over the safety of our children and Nation," Biden said on March 14.

Luckily, Knudson does not believe Joe Biden has what it takes to get broader gun control legislation through Congress. He said:

He doesn't have the votes in the Senate to do any of these panacea gun control things that he wants to do. So what's he doing? He's running to his administrative state.