MLB All-Star Lucas Giolito And Wife File For Divorce

 July 13, 2023

If it was once a happy marriage, but it isn't anymore.

Chicago White Sox All-Star pitcher Lucas Giolito announced on social media Monday that his wife, Ariana Dubelko, and he are ending their marriage after four years together.

Despite being part of the MLB All-Star festivities himself, Giolito made the announcement during the Home Run Derby.

"Ariana and I have made the difficult, but mutual, decision to amicably end our marriage. We have shared many memorable moments and experiences together and want to emphasize our continued friendship and respect for one another," Giolito posted on social media. He added:

After thoughtful consideration and discussions, we have chosen to follow separate paths while maintaining the bond we have nurtured over the years. While our decision to end our marriage is undoubtedly a significant one, we are each committed to maintaining our friendship and supporting each other as we enter this new phase of our respective lives.

Giolito and Dubelko were first married in December of 2018.