McConnell Gets Heckled: 'Ditch Mitch!'

 August 8, 2023

Republican Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell isn't young by any stretch of the imagination.

So, when a sizable contingent of people suggests that it's time for him to retire, I might be inclined to wonder if they have a point.

Obviously, Mitch isn't as incompetent as Joe Biden is these days, but we can't let him get away with being too old to do his job just because he's a Republican.

Still, America probably needs to show a little bit more self-control than this:

Reports have surfaced that a fall the senator sustained roughly a month ago is what has set off what appears to be a very rapid public decline in his mental ability this summer:

"The fall, which has not been previously reported, occurred July 14 after the flight out of Washington was canceled while everyone was on board," NBC reported. "McConnell who was a passenger, had a ‘face plant,’ someone who was on the plane at the time but did not witness the fall told NBC News. That passenger also said they spoke to another passenger who helped tend to McConnell"