Mitch McConnell: Democrats Picking Judges Based On Demographics

 February 16, 2023

When even Mitch McConnell thinks that liberals are being a little bit too extreme lately, you know America is in a VERY dangerous spot.

"Yesterday, President Biden and the Senate Democratic Leader took time to boast about their judicial confirmations. There was something interesting, strange, and telling about their statements," the Republican senator from Kentucky explained. He added:

Both the President and the Democratic Leader focused their comments overwhelmingly on identity politics and demographic box-checking.

"The President’s statement spent literally one part of one sentence paying lip service to the question of legal qualifications. The remaining five paragraphs were devoted solely to these new judges’ demographic characteristics. It was downright bizarre. President Biden informed the American people that a particular District Court in Puerto Rico will now have its first judge who is not heterosexual," McConnell explained. "He pointed out that men have been a small minority of his judicial nominees, that certain percentages of his nominees fit into certain demographic categories, it went on and on like this. Mr. President, most Americans want our country to keep moving forward in a direction where people’s physical characteristics do not define us." He added:

Do you know what share of Americans believe race or ethnicity should be a major factor in university admissions? It is 7%. Do you know what percentage believe that gender should be? 4%.

Yet 100% of liberals seem to think it should be 100% of the population. He continued:

Ironically, when it came to how these new judges actually think, both the President and the Democratic Leader went out of their way to celebrate the lack of diversity. They bragged about their coordinated and deliberate effort to stuff the judiciary with an unprecedented volume of former criminal defense attorneys.

Democrats have long said they want judges to have empathy. I guess that’s good news if you happen to be the party for whom the judge has a special bias. Not so good if you’re the other party and you’re looking for a fair trial.

Now Democrats are helpfully telling us whom they want judges to empathize with: Accused criminals. Not innocent victims. Now, Mr. President, nobody is saying we shouldn’t have any public defenders on the bench.