Missing child found dead in attic years after disappearance

 April 18, 2024

Authorities in Buffalo, New York, have made an absolutely horrifying announcement.

The body of a missing boy was recently discovered in an attic, nearly four years after he was reported missing.

A maintenance worker called Buffalo police to report that he had found a body in the attic of an apartment house where he was working.

The body was eventually confirmed to be that of Jaylen Griffen, who was reportedly last seen in August of 2020 when he left his home to go to a grocery store and never returned.

Jaylen's mother, Joanne Ponzo, died this past September.

A family friend reported that Ponzo's dying words were a request to keep searching for her son.

"Unfortunately, [the body] was found exactly one week before his 16th birthday," authorities said.

"Somebody had to take him there because there’s no way he could have walked there," Jaylen's grandmother said. "He don’t know nobody over there."